About Us

Intensiv has been running medical weight loss programs since 2009.  We offer scientifically based programs run by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals experienced in weight loss.  The programs are results driven and have specific goals and timeframes. The team consists of Obesity Specialists and Physicians, Dietitians, and an Exercise Physiologist whom work together and attend scientific obesity conferences annually.  We understand that obesity is a chronic condition and we are committed to not only assisting in initial weight loss but also in support and advice for long term weight maintenance. We are also able to recommend an in-house Psychologist when required to assist you in your management.

We provide experience, personalised treatment to suit each individual, flexibility, a positive attitude, phone support, specialised care, and we are passionate about helping you to achieve your goals.

The Intensiv programs are for people with obesity whom are motivated to lose weight and are ready to receive advice and make changes in their lives. Such patients can self-refer, or for physician/specialist appointments obtain a referral from a specialist or GP.

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